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I’ve been working super hard and barely have time to paint or blog. However, having a full-time design and marketing job is awesome and I was just promoted too. For lack of better words, I’m the head of my department. Things are GREAT!

Im ashamed at how long it has been since I posted art! I’ve been so busy at work, which is going pretty well. I work four ten hour days consecutively and so I’m perpetually wiped out. I still paint, I just never seem to find the time to scan them. I basically spend 40 hours a week in a staring match with Photoshop. I guess whatever it takes to further this hustlin, and believe me, it is hustlin, but I can’t say how. Hustlin illuminati secret. I love California, it’s the promised land, for sure, so I’m looking at taking this hustle to LA where I might could make shit happen. I’m glad you’re still following me, forgive me for making that money, more art coming soon.